CBD Bomb


With a CBD level well over 7% and 1:1 CBD to THC ratio CBD Bomb is a medical strain of the highest quality. The stone is a balance between a deeply relaxing physical feeling without excessive drowsiness. It’s a strain that can be enjoyed any time of day to help manage conditions such as muscle and joint pain, inflammatory problems, insomnia and anxiety. The smoke is sharp citrus with a distinctive skunky undertone. Its short and compact structure is perfect for a SCROG setups, making it hugely viable for commercial ventures. 

Indica/Sativa Mix
Flowering Time: 8-9 wks, if outdr: Oct 
Yield: High (400-450g/m²)
THC: 1:1 (6% THC / 7.5% CBD)
Height: Medium (80-150cm) 
Stone/High: Calming Sedative Stone